Day 11-12

I clubbed these two days together as day 11 was very tough. Another rainy day, fussy children, a lot of crying and tantrums, nervous parents, not even the leftover bundt cake could light up the day. I also heard the neighbours fighting – the ugly weather and the isolation is taking its toll.

On day 12 however the sun came out and apparently that was what everyone was waiting for! We started the day on the beautifully sunny terrace, sipping our coffee, watching the kids play. The magic a little sunshine can bring in our life, right? It is not only good for your overall mood but it has a ton of health benefits 🙂

Day 12 of the lockdown also marked the best bread I have ever made: still the usual no knead bread recipe, this time however I didn’t preheat the oven and didn’t place a pan with water in the oven below the tray and it turned out awesome! By this time many of my friends are struggling because they cannot find yeast in the stores – this link about Making Your Own Yeast is for you!!

Following the morning garden fun time we had a healthy breakfast (or mid-morning snack for the kids) – this is my go-to breakfast choice: an omelette of 2 eggs with cheese and a side of spinach, sprinkled with lemon juice, olive oil and grated ginger with some olives on the side.

After breakfast we tried to learn a bit with the kids. My older one is a pre-schooler so we do not go crazy, I grab the opportunity and try to teach her some numbers/letters when she seems motivated. If she a cartoon or a movie where she liked something or someone, I try to incorporate that thing or person, e.g. a penguin, an astronaut. This way she will immediately be enthusiastic about doing that ‘worksheet’.

The afternoon was also sunny so we spent most of it outside in the garden, enjoying every possiblity as it will again rain tomorrow…

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